Blazin was established in 2022 by the founders of Sunpowr, to seed and bring the skateboarding culture to the middle east youth. Blazin personifies the wild & energetic California street culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Inspired by the bold and creative formative years of skating, surfing and free style, Blazin connects with this adventurous spirit in search of fun, thrill-seeking expression and community. The skateboards are designed and made from high-grade quality materials, with a retro look and feel. All the designs are inspired by the concept of movement and elements of life, from our best-selling design ‘Inferno’ and ‘Mindtripp’ capturing the essence of energy and joy. Every skateboard is curated and designed to liberate and indulge in the freedom of movement. You will find 8 exhilirating designs of the 22” Mini Cruiser Skateboards to get you started, sold exclusively in Babyshop stores across the GCC.