It all started with a cookie! Maui & Sons was created in 1980, when the founders had an idea to create a chocolate chip cookie using a traditional Hawaiian recipe. When that adventure failed, they turned their attention towards designing clothing using the original cookie design as their logo. An immediate success, the brand soon became synonymous with the beautiful, hand-created work used to convey the elements represented by the cookie logo: earth, air, fire and water. As the 80’s rolled into the 90’s, Maui & Sons evolved into a globally celebrated active sports company, and quickly became known as the legendary surf and lifestyle brand it is today. Innovative designs, impactful graphics, memorable artwork-based advertisements, and an exciting color palette – differentiate this brand worldwide. 40+ years later, you’ll find the Maui and Sons cookie logo on beaches, skateparks, lakes, mountains, and backyard barbecues all over the world— worn by people who cultivate harmony in their lives by pairing an active lifestyle with gratitude for the joys provided by mother nature. As their representatives in the region, Sunpowr bring an extensive Maui range of skateboards, scooters and water goods sold across the GCC with leading sports retailers, toy retailers and online stores.