Carl Oscar is more than anything a story about growing up. From the very first picnic in the backyard to the summer hike with your grandchildren and everything in between. Carl Oscar designs affordable, functional vacuum bottles and jars, lunch boxes and water bottles with a focus on reuse and durability. They use non-toxic materials and all their products are BPA-free. Their goal is that each product shall have an incredibly long lifespan, and consist of as environmentally friendly materials as possible, in terms of both the production process and the lifespan of the product. The Carl Oscar motto is that products should be used as much and as often as possible. That means that they will be exposed to both tough conditions and a lot of wear and tear. Offering most components as spare parts is therefore an important part of their sustainability work. They believe that our customers should of course be able to replace a worn gasket or a lost lid and thus further extend the life of the product instead of throwing it away and buy a new one. Carl Oscar’s product range offers better alternatives to disposable items and disposable packaging and simplifies for the user to reduce unnecessary food waste.